A Year In Review

December 31st 2020

Our Story

In 2011:  The adventure started when John and Scot first met, on Fiesta Island, at an SD Jeepin’ club event where for two years they both held seats on the board of directors.  It was then, the seasonal San Diego area Jeep owners toy drive was established in coordination with NBC Channel 4 and the USS Midway Museum.

In 2013:  The San Diego Jeep Club, a Facebook group, was organized. Our purpose was to organize a group that interacts with two (2) essential rules;

  1. Be a good-spirited owner of a Jeep vehicle.
  2. Be kind, courteous, and respectful of others while leaving your pride and ego at the trailhead. 

For six (6) years, we were an uncomplicated off-road society with qualified instructors who taught folks (free of charge) brand-new to the Jeep experience how to safely enjoy their vehicles in the backcountry.  Together, we actively promoted a pay-it-forward philosophy.

In 2019:  Operation Overland was established with supporting military Veterans, First Responders, and their families in mind. In our nine (9) years of helping others, we came to recognize that we could do far more good as a legitimate and verifiable 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization in the State of California.

Our purpose is to develop a safe, responsible, and respectful social atmosphere where we can encourage folks to go out-of-doors for sound mental health while appreciating their lives in such a way that manifests newly recognized freedoms and self-determination coupled with a sense of adventure.

Here is a peek at our endeavors, thus far…