Frequently Asked Questions​

Operation Overland

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Is there a minimum donation?

No, not at all. Every donation, no matter the size is greatly appreicated.

How do you ensure integrity?

We vet every project. We provide photos and digital media of the events taking place. Upon request, we will regularly offer expense reports showing where your donations are being spent.

Is Operation Overland a club?

Operation Overland's mission is in providing support to our nations public servants in need, not that of being a club. This organization was not established with a mindset of separating you from your own club affiliations, so relax and experience what it is to give while serving your community.

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can overlanding be for for everyone?

Yes indeed, the spirit of overlanding exemplifies a passion of the great outdoors, camping culture, and exploration of exciting new places. People of all ages and various physical abilites are encouraged to discover what it is to get outside. This land is "our" land.


events are coming...

As Operation Overland grows, we fully expect to grow our list of events as a result. Keep coming back!


can overlanding offer more than just a tour of the the trailways?

While indeed a global sport, here in the U.S. overlanding has gained in popularity ten fold in the past 5 years with nationwide gatherings and numerous expos that emphasize training, vendors, and large outdoor venues. At the core of overlanding is a passion of the great outdoors, camping culture, and exploring new places. There is also a fascination with vehicle mechanics, customization, and building out unique vehicles that suits the personality and needs of the specific overlander.


Dogs are welcome...

If your dog is friendly and interacts well with other pets, animals, and humans, we encourage you to bring your canine along with you.


be polite, be patient.

Simply put, we ask that when you are attending any Operation Overland event that you approach everyone with a level of courtesy and respect that you merit yourself. In short, be kind, be patient, be reliable, and please drop your ego at the trailhead.

enjoy and Smile.

One of the principal goals here at Operation Overland is to foster and promote an environment that supports new friendships along the way.