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Veterans can learn more about GI Bill benefits they’ve earned through a new three-part series just released.

The series, “Building Your Future with the GI Bill,” coincides with the third anniversary of the Colmery Act, signed into law Aug. 17, 2017.

VA’s education benefits programs, particularly the Forever GI Bill, support Veterans and their families by providing them the benefits and resources for education goals. The new three-part series serves as a roadmap to support the journey from education to employment. This series helps eligible service members, Veterans and their families. The series helps people navigate education pathways, finding the right benefits program for them.

The guides

Part One, “A Guide to Choosing Your Education Pathway,” helps GI Bill beneficiaries navigate the education pathways to lead to a fulfilling career. Earning a degree or certification allows beneficiaries to be more competitive in the workforce. This also helps them attain a higher salary and job stability, and boost employer-provided benefits. This guide provides details on education options from undergraduate, entrepreneurship, on-the-job training, and other non-traditional education options.

Part Two, “A Guide to Understanding Your Benefits”, helps future GI Bill beneficiaries navigate VA education benefits to find the best program fit for themselves. Understanding the variety of education benefits available helps Veterans and their families determine the appropriate VA benefit based on eligibility and goals. This guide provides Veterans details on supplemental programs and offer a way to compare options. It also encompasses information on additional grants, scholarships, state benefits and student loans,. This helps give a holistic view of resources available.

Part Three, “A Guide to Furthering Your Career,” helps GI Bill beneficiaries transition from education to a fulfilling career. Education is the first step. This guide outlines the process of job searching, building a network, and growth during a career. As students finish their education or training, VA can help them find the right career path.

Potential GI Bill beneficiaries should use these guides as a starting point to research the education and training options available. These guides provide help with navigating the variety of education pathways, understanding education benefits options, and building a fulfilling career.

More information

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John Mantey

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