First responders still enjoy Big Game

LEWISBURG, WV — While many people are enjoying the Big Game either at home or at their favorite bar, local first responders are still on duty.

Eddie Brookman is a firefighter at the Lewisburg Fire Department. He told 59News working on the day of the Big Game is just like working any other day, for the most part.

“It’s not as bad as one would think,” Brookman said. “Everyone here is pretty much like family. You spend a third of your life with people, then they become like family.”

Brookman said they prepare snacks for the big game, but things will stay relatively quiet in the Lewisburg Fire House.

“We’ll have the game on the TV,” Brookman said. “People might stop by and visit. You just never know what’s going to happen at the firehouse.”

As for betting, the firefighters do not typically place bets with each other. Instead, some may gamble outside of the station on sports betting websites. But the day is not all about sitting in their recliners and watching the game; Brookman said you never know when an emergency will arise.

“We run the first responder program,” Brookman said. “We’re medically trained here so, we’ll run as a first responder for the ambulance. So, we’re on medical calls that are significant as well.”

Just like during their typical workday, the firefighters never know what awaits them when they start their shift.

John Mantey

John Mantey

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