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At our core, we are all about neighbors helping neighbors. When a need arises in our community, we come together to help others.

Why do we serve?  Because we are cut from the same cloth and because we are in a position to do what is right for our fellows who conscientiously serve others.

It's a new day, and there's a new dawn; it's our life, one adventure at a time.

Get started with knowing how to navigate

Here at Operation Overland, we have three principal steps in helping you understand more sufficiently your VA and DOD entitlements. Whether you are in need of a better understanding of your disability compensation, retirement benefits, or your earned medical benefits.

Here is how we administer the process at ZERO cost to you.


Send us an email, or simply create your own personal account here on our website.


We will have a conversation that will implement a strategy that sets up functional progress with your case.


We will pick you up at your location or we can  meet you at an official VA or DOD facility in your area.

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Operation Overland

Together, We Make The Difference

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Learning The VA System

Ambiguous Policies and Practices, Newly Implemented Digital Services, Interacting With VA Staff, Adjusted Living Needs, Etc...

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Get The Help You Need

Sometimes understanding how to get the help you need can be the toughest challenge of all. We have combat-service disabled Veteran's on staff that can help you to navigate the VA medical system.

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Pay It Forward

Once you gain a better understanding of how to navigate either the DOD or VA benefits system, we may ask you to pay it forward by assisting the next rookie Veteran in need of help with understanding his or her DOD and/or VA benefits.


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